December Week 2 Pick

It’s getting closer to Christmas, and by now you might be getting a little tired of all the Christmas music. Hopefully a good movie will ripen your mood and remove some of the stress away from buying all those Christmas presents. I’ve been asked to go into a little more detail on my reviews, so that I shall do. This weeks pick: Snatch

This is probably one of my most favorite movies. Its funny, there is great action , awesome acting, and good music all along the way. It’s directed by Guy Ritchie, who is known for making solid quick paces movies with impressive casts (Rockarolla, Sherlock Holmes, Lock Stock). The movie is about a diamond that is stolen and all of the different mobs, thugs, and gangsters who are involved and effected by it. It’s not a traditional heist movie like Oceans 11 (though Brat Pitt is in this movie) but that primarily what it’s about.  It’s rated R, mainly for swearing (a decent amount of F bombs) and a very quick snipet of some topless girls at a strip club. Beside those facts the movie is amazing, I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a movie with solid acting and a great storyline.

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December Week 1

Hello December! November was fun, but we are on to bigger, better things. Initially I thought I might recommend Christmas movies this month, but to only recommend 4 doesn’t really do the genre any justice. So i’ll just assume you know all the good Christmas movies. SO I’ll just stick to good movies. This week… Superman Returns

There are many super hero movies and many superman movies, but this specific one greatly stands out. It’s a reboot from the original series with Christopher Reeves, so there are all new characters, but the casting in this movie is excellent. The other great thing about this movie is that it’s not just a spiderman- entertaining- action movie..It’s an actual Movie. Characters have arcs, there is a good plot development, people change. It’s really well done. Hope you like it as much as I did.

[8 out of 10]

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November Week 5 Pick

Well it looks like November is winding down… It has been fun November. My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Great Movies…What else more could you want? This week I wanted something interesting but also different. If fairy-tales were made for adults, they would surely be something like this weeks movie, Pans Labrynth:

This story focuses around an imaginative girl living with a cruel military general and her dark adventures that pervade throughout the story. Its actually quite intriguing and definitely a refreshing twist from the average movie.

[7.5 out of 10]

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November Week 4 Pick

November lingers on and so does my appetite for a movie that will keep me entertained. This week we go back to 2006. A movie was released that wasn’t a summer smash hit, but did well enough on its own. It has a great cast and a good story..and that movie is Lucky Number Sleven:

Its hard to describe the plot of this movie without giving anything away, but needless to say its a melodramatic action movie that is actually pretty funny at times. The more I watch it the more I enjoy it.

[8 out of 10]

*Note music of the week is not in a separate Music of the day post.  Thanks.

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November Week 3 Picks

November continues and what makes your week better than watching a great movie. This one wasn’t a smash hit, but it does carry some big names. This weeks movie is Midnight In Paris.

The movie is mainly about a writer (Owen Wilson) who is trying to find himself in paris with his fiance. He finds himself late at night walking the streets when he begins running into fictitious authors and artists who give him advice. Its witty and enjoyable- I think you’ll like it if you appreciate art in any way.

[7.0 out of 10]

Music for the week:

The Submarines – 1940 (AmpLive Remix)


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November Week 2 Picks

Well November is churning on and its getting ever colder. But nothing warms your blood like a good thriller that keeps you guessing the whole time. This week I recommend The Lazarus Project.

Now I usually don’t go for too many Paul Walker movies, but the movie is actually pretty good. Its kind of a psychological thriller where you are trying to figure out whats happening the whole time. I think that’s what surprised me about the movie. And it had a decent ending to it so I this week I recommend it.

[6.0 out of 10]

Music this week?

Telepopmusik – Breathe

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November Week 1 Picks

The first week of November is cold, and naturally your body will probably get sick. One of my favorite movies to watch when I’m sick is Solaris.

Now be warned this is not a high-paced action flick. Its definitely a slow movie. But I really loved the atmosphere in the movie, maybe it was because I was sick but there was something mesmerizing about it. The story is more or less about the relationship between a man and his dead wife, but its got a nice twist.

[ 6.5 out of 10 ]

And for music this week I definitely recommend:

Osaka Loop Line – By Discovery



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